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Third Party Injuries

When A Workplace Injury Is Caused By A Third Party

If you sustain an injury at work or during the course of your employment, your benefits are usually limited to workers’ compensation benefits.  In certain circumstances, there is a potential for a claim or law suit against a Third-Party.

What Is A Third-Party Liability Claim?

When a person or entity other than the employer or a co-worker causes your work injury, you may have a “third-party claim”.

Some situations that may give rise to a third-party claim are as follows:

  • A manufacturing flaw in a piece of equipment
  • An incomplete or faulty repair completed by an outside company
  • A car accident with someone NOT your co-worker or employer
  • A work-related illness caused by the building your company leased

To learn more about third-party claims, read our frequently asked questions page.

This Sounds Too Complicated For Me.

You may be a bit confused or have questions about a third-party liability claim. Many people do. The process tends to add a layer of complication to an already confusing workers’ compensation system.  The good news is that injured workers can pursue both workers’ compensation benefits and a third party claim at the same time.

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