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On-the-job hip fractures

With aging comes a greater chance of injury. Hip fractures, for example, are hard to recover from and are especially common.American hospitals admit over 300,000 seniors per year due to broken hips, nearly always caused by a fall. This type of injury can affect young individuals on a job site, as [...]

Chemicals in the workplace

Jobs in nearly every industry involve potential hazards. In addition to common injuries, like slips and trips, you may be exposed to dangerous chemicals that could cause significant damage to your body.You might not fully understand the chemicals you work with and the injuries you could sustain from [...]

Social Security for mental disorders

Change is often necessary, especially in terms of accepting individuals’ abilities. Many individuals with disabilities are gainfully employed.Some disabling conditions aren’t visible. Meanwhile, working is not an option for everyone.Employers focused on inclusion commonly adjust for [...]

New York’s serious injury threshold

It is possible to recover damages in a lawsuit for injuries received in a motor vehicle accident. However, proving you have a valid legal claim can be difficult.Be prepared to prove you suffered a “serious injury” if you wish to bring a personal injury lawsuit against another person. But [...]