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Injured On The Job?

At Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione, and Quinn, P.C., we focus exclusively on Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and personal injury claims in New York’s greater Capital Region.  With a proven track record going back nearly 100 years, we continue to serve third and fourth generations of local families who trust us.

If you have been injured – especially on the job – you need a team with the right experience to fight for you and protect your rights.  Our lawyers are all local, raising their families right here in our community. That’s why we treat you like an individual – not a number. At Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione, and Quinn, P.C. we get to know every client and case – then roll up our sleeves and get to work to win the compensation you deserve. We’re proud to work hard for working people.

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In the Capital Region since 1925

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“I really appreciate you, BIG TIME!”

- Dorothea J.

"Thanks for everything you have done for me."

- Dave P.

"I was represented by Sunny Lee and helped by Lindsay Stockman. They did so much to help me while keeping me informed throughout the process. They got me the help I needed for my injury."

- Arthur K.

"I have come to think of you as family."

- Debra O.

“Thanks for everything you all did for me!! I will be recommending you guys!”

- Krystal K.

“I was very pleased with the service and outcome of my representation by this firm. Both Sunny Lee and Lindsay were knowledgeable and responsive. I recommend them without reservation.”

- Marsha P.

“When I contacted the office and spoke with one of the lawyers, they set me up with professionals within the office who would be most appropriate to handle two very different processes. They were profoundly professional, informative, and compassionate. Profoundly grateful.”

- Roy R.

“As the saying goes, ‘you can’t fight City Hall.’ I felt that way as I started the pursuit of my claim for Social Security Disability benefits.  It was a determination to be made by the agency that would pay these benefits, the Social Security Administration. With attorney Karen Arndt on my side, along with her years of experience and her track record of success, I now know that you CAN fight the Social Security Administration…and win!”

- Scott T.

“Thank you to you and your team for all of your help with my Social Security Disability Claim. Any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally.”

- Mike R.

“Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione & Quinn stay on top of every detail and make their clients feel like they are the only one. Thank you!”

- Sharon B.

“Thank you for all your hard work and time that went into my case over the years. I know it is a lot of work and I could not have done it without your legal team!”

- Kimberlee W.

“Your respect, patience, perseverance, and good humor was much appreciated. Never did a call or an email go unanswered. Your availability throughout the process was a great comfort.”

- Maureen M.

“A very nice and respectful group of people always ready to make the best decisions to help. They are really an all-hands-on deck firm and I would chose them every time.”

- Ty G.

“At some of my darkest days, they all provided me with professionalism, compassion, and hope. I could not have been more blessed to have called Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione & Quinn.”

- Roy R.

“After falling on an escalator at work, I thought I did the right thing, filling out an accident report. Then I was let go a few months later and things changed. It became clear I was going to need an attorney. So, I called a friend who is a lawyer and he said, ‘If it was me, I’d go to Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione and Quinn.’ So, I did.

Not only did I feel they were professional, efficient and that I was in good hands – but I also felt I was with someone who cared. They never made false promises or pie-in-the-sky predictions. I always knew where I was in the process. Today, I feel very satisfied. Through their hard work and perseverance, I got a settlement. I always felt they had my back.”

- Carol D.
Delmar, NY.

“I lost my right hand on the job and it was instant relief when I came to BMCQ. They got my financial situation straightened out right away. They made sure money was coming in through Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation – that was reassuring.

My case took four years. It was complicated, but they stuck it out. It took them from coast to coast and overseas to track down leads. They really dug in. It was pretty intense — once they got stuck in a train station during a nor’easter!

They were always working behind the scenes. I never experienced anything like that in my life. They were like a light in the dark. And they aren’t pretentious. They relate to you like your neighbors. It’s really a good bunch.”

- Newt B
Fort Edward, NY

“My connection goes all the way back to high school, when John Criscione was one of my football coaches. But it has been 20 years since BMCQ first represented me after a back injury. They’ve helped me several times since.

The experience I’ve had, their professionalism…I have recommended them to several people who have all come back after to thank me.

They are always friendly. They recognize my voice when I call and if I called again tomorrow, I know they’d take care of me. It’s more like a family.”

- Joey L.
Albany, NY

“I had another lawyer who never returned my calls. At BMCQ, they always get right back to me. They went back through my records and got me a settlement from years ago – they didn’t have to do that.

After nearly 30 years in manufacturing, I’ve had three operations on my arm. When my doctor wanted me out on Social Security Disability, BMCQ helped with all the paperwork – I never could have never done it without them.

And after a hearing, they always take the time to explain things in words I can understand. You aren’t just another paycheck to them. They listen and want to help. Thank God for BMCQ!.”

- David C.
East Greenbush

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