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Sometimes it’s best to keep your head out of it

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Frustration is a natural response to a work-related injury that causes you pain or prevents you from performing your assigned duties. Cases involving prolonged recovery time due to a brain injury may make matters worse.

A violent shake or blow to the head could cause a concussion which, although often temporary, may affect balance, memory and concentration. In some situations, complications could result.

A minor brain injury can still be problematic

Although concussions are the most common type of head trauma, medical providers don’t necessarily consider them serious injuries. Yet, symptoms have the potential to complicate all aspects of daily living.

Headaches, dizziness and processing delays may indicate the brain isn’t healing as anticipated. Meanwhile, questions remain about whether a second impact could create detrimental cumulative trauma.

Research suggests losing a source of income could be possible for workers following a concussion.

Persistent problems and impaired function

Of the 25,000 people who suffer concussions each year, only about 15% struggle with long-term effects.

A Danish study identifying two groups of people who were at risk of job loss connected with brain trauma suggested employees with a university degree showed a high risk of disability. Meanwhile, workers between the ages of 30 and 39 were shown to fall outside the traditional labor market within five years of sustaining head trauma.

Qualifications could lend themselves to unemployment

Naturally, advanced education tends to lend itself to holding positions with great responsibility. Those with comprehensive work experience often lead teams and make repercussive decisions despite a variety of interruptions.

Decreased focus or vision changes naturally make demanding tasks more difficult to complete. Meanwhile, compensation earned by those in the two identified at-risk groups is difficult to replace in lower-level positions, for which many workers might be “overqualified.”

Applicable benefits can help

Making the choice to find a less stressful job is one thing. Losing a job due to the effects of a workplace injury is another.

Despite what the study implies, New York prohibits firing an employee due to filing a workers’ compensation claim. Seeking immediate medical attention for a job-related head injury can dictate the path of least resistance, whether that entails medical treatment or protecting employee rights.