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What happens if my workplace injury claim is denied?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a tremendous asset for workers who get hurt or become ill because of their job. However, the claim determination process involves numerous factors.

A benefits application may not receive approval for reasons like a documentation discrepancy, delayed injury report or the presence of illegal drugs in your system. When the Workers’ Compensation Board can’t resolve a claim dispute, they will hold a hearing.

Three ways to prepare for a workers’ compensation hearing

It’s perfectly acceptable for you to have legal counsel present at your hearing. They can help you prepare for court through means like:

  • An outline detailing how your injuries occurred. Explain the specific situation that led to your claim. Then be prepared to answer any alleged discrepancies between your incident report and medical records.
  • Witness accounts that support your case. Having some co-workers share their perspective of what happened might help the judge, or hearing officer, piece things together. Additionally, your friends and family can account for how the incident is affecting your life.
  • Describe your progress and restrictions. You probably won’t have to provide the particulars of every symptom, medical visit and treatment you’ve received since the date of injury. However, it may be helpful to prepare a general timeline to indicate your progress. You could also make note of anything that hinders your return to work.

You can expect to receive a written order once the judge makes a decision about your case.

Remember your rights

Protecting your interests is imperative, especially when your earning capability is in jeopardy. That’s why the workers’ compensation system is in place.

Getting the benefits you deserve may not come easily. However, there’s no reason to pass up what’s rightfully yours.