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Insurance coverage after a crash

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Personal Injury

Most drivers never imagine being involved in a motor vehicle accident, so many questions would probably come to mind if a crash occurred. Reporting the incident is the first step toward recovering any financial compensation you might be due. However, a police report doesn’t guarantee your insurance claim will be approved.

Liability insurance is a legal requirement of registering a vehicle in New York State. This coverage can protect your ability to recover financial damages after a collision, but it’s not a guarantee. As such, prepare to make your case after filing an accident claim.

Carriers don’t prioritize your interests

Multiple considerations factor into the approval of an insurance claim, and carriers usually try to protect their bottom line. You might receive an offer that’s less than your repair estimate or pressure to settle as quickly as possible.

You might also receive a denial for not seeking immediate medical attention or allegedly falsifying your information when you purchased your insurance. Illegal activities behind the wheel could also influence a decision.

How can I increase my chances of claim approval?

You can’t always control how a carrier will handle a claim, but there are some things you can do to minimize your chances of a dispute. For example:

  • Pay your premium on time to avoid a lapse in coverage
  • Include everyone who drives the vehicle on your policy
  • Refrain from sharing details about your accident on social media

A claim may not always initially provide the result you want. If that’s the case, remember you have an automobile insurance policy for a reason; don’t hesitate to fight for what you need.