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What if I’m injured while driving for work?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Not all workers complete their job duties in an office. Delivery drivers, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and law enforcement officers, among others, spend a high percentage of each workday behind the wheel.

Those whose jobs require spending a significant amount of time on the road face an increased risk of involvement in a motor vehicle accident. In fact, more than 2,100 employees died in car crashes while on the job in 2019.

Increase safety behind the wheel

If you have a job that requires driving:

  • Wait until you shift into “park” to check your phone
  • Take a break if you feel drowsy
  • Practice defensive driving techniques

Also, completing regular safety checks can help verify that your employer is keeping company vehicles in good working order.

After a crash

Workers’ compensation benefits can ease the expense of your recovery if you suffer an injury while driving on the clock.

Before you file a claim, report the accident to the police and share the details of the incident with your employer. Seek medical treatment for your injury and request documentation to support your requests to take time off work.

You would be wise to speak with an attorney if you receive a claim denial and wish to file an appeal. Legal counsel may also become necessary if long-term disabilities result from the collision.

Car and truck accidents often result in serious injuries – even wrongful death. You don’t have to absorb the costs of devastation on your own.