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How can I protect myself against bad drivers?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Personal Injury

New Yorkers tend to lead a fast-paced lifestyle. Whether securing business deals, exploring art installations or meeting friends for coffee, people are constantly on the move.

While the state’s culture is unlike any other, the typical drive to do more things – faster – could present a risk to traffic safety. This way of living, when combined with adverse weather conditions and travelers who are unfamiliar with local roadways, can be extremely dangerous. So, is there a way to decrease accident risk?

Four strategies for a safe commute

Defensive driving is an important element of driver’s education. However, with some experience and comfortability behind the wheel, motorists often leave habits like signaling a lane change and maintaining the speed limit by the wayside. Meanwhile, confidence may lend itself to unfavorable, and unsafe, practices.

For example, other motorists might run a red light, drive drunk or pass a school bus with an extended stop arm. You might not witness these behaviors, yet aggression from those around you might involve honking, following you too closely or obscene gestures.

To minimize your chances of negatively reacting to situations like these:

  • Play calming music in the car
  • Allow extra travel time to reach your destination
  • Adjust your schedule so you’re not on the road during rush hour
  • Leave space to escape an escalating situation alongside or behind you

Rather than responding to adverse situations with unfavorable behaviors, you would be wise to remain calm and disengage as much as possible. Instead, report threatening behavior to the police.

Although you cannot control another driver’s behavior, accept your responsibility to share the road safely. Governing yourself accordingly may not only reduce the stress of your commute but also allow you options to hold someone else accountable if they cause you harm.