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Do some companies put their employees at risk of injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Many employees know that workers’ compensation may be available if a job-related accident or illness requires medical treatment. For those who need time off work to recover, these benefits can help with financial obligations.

Although some jobs have more inherent risks than others, every workplace holds potential harm. However, some companies’ injury reports are higher than average.

E-commerce order fulfillment and worker claims

Many households appreciate the convenience of online shopping – this year, perhaps more than ever.

Likely due to decreasing in-person spending during the pandemic, Amazon reported its most profitable holiday season in the platform’s history. However, that’s not the only area where the retailer excels, potentially to its employees’ detriment.

Nearly 800,000 people work for Amazon. Additional demand during the holidays typically increases the workforce by another 200,000.

Despite the company’s implementation of robotic fulfillment centers, package delivery continues to rely on warehouse workers as well. And although employees and legislators have addressed concerns about employee safety, Amazon stands behind its processes.

Internal data and safety concerns

Multi-million-dollar safety investments could benefit workers. Yet, an investigation into company records suggests the company must do more to protect its employees. Reportedly:

  • Internal injury reports are notably higher than the industry standard
  • The past four years have shown an annual increase in injury rates
  • Robotic warehouses hold higher injury rates than traditional fulfillment centers
  • Injury claims significantly increase during the weeks of Cyber Monday and Prime Day

There’s a high probability that humans cannot maintain pace with robots, thereby increasing worker injury risks. Meanwhile, the company hasn’t announced specific plans to hire more employees to help meet production quotas.

Injured employees can file a workers’ compensation claim

The company may need to re-address the effect technology has on its employees. Regardless, workers need to realize they have rights.

An on-the-job illness or injury may qualify an employee for workers’ compensation benefits to subsidize medical attention and time away from work. When a company doesn’t act in the best interest of its labor force, accountability may begin with filing a claim.