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What statistics say about work injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

“People get hurt at work” is a simple and obvious truth. What’s missing from that truism is the human understanding of who gets hurt and what options they have available.

Statistics compiled by New York state and the federal government offer significant insight into the raw numbers, but tables and charts hide many stories. When you look at the numbers, you find that:

Injuries are more prevalent when you work with your hands.

Construction, agriculture and manufacturing, had some of the highest rates of injury. However, even within the other industries, job titles and descriptions that implied manual labor work, such as people who work in building supply retailers, had higher injury rates than other jobs.

Surprising injury numbers for state workers

While many imagine state workers as people in offices, quietly filling out forms, this is a clear misconception. Especially here in Albany and the rest of the Capital Region, we understand that state workers build roads, maintain public buildings and often must go above and beyond for their jobs. That leads to a higher risk of injuries.

Who gets hurt does not depend on a job description

Even in what some would consider the “safest” of jobs, people received injuries or contracted illnesses due to their work. Injuries can come from typing too much, from getting into a car accident as you drive as part of your job, from exposure to a toxic environment. They’re often unavoidable. They’ll cost you time. They can even cost you a career.

What doesn’t change is your ability to get compensation for work-related injuries. If you suffered an on the job injury, you have options to make sure you can pay your bills and get the treatment you need.