When Should You Get an Attorney?

Should I get an attorney if my Social Security Disability claim is denied?

If your SSD claim is denied, a hearing can be requested. It is a good idea to get legal representation for the hearing process.

According to figures released by Andy Slaughter, the shadow legal aid minister, of the 25,500 incapacity benefit cases in 2009/10, some 60% of people without legal representation lost, compared with just 33% of those who had lawyers. An ABA survey in 2011 said 75 percent of lawyers believe that people who represent themselves are more likely to lose their cases. With a 50% better chance of winning with an attorney, it makes sense to have legal representation in SSD cases.

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How is the attorney compensated?

Attorney’s fees are contingent fees, meaning they are conditioned upon your being successful in your case. If you are successful, there will be back benefits owed to you. The Social Security Administration will automatically take out 25% of that amount and send it to the attorney to cover the legal fee, while the other 75% is sent to you. It is a one-time fee, for back benefits only.

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