When Should You Consult an Attorney?

Should I consult an attorney if I receive notice that my Workers’ Compensation claim has been denied?

Yes. The denial of benefits comes in the form of a “C-7” form or “Notice of Controversy,” and the Workers’ Compensation board will set up a file for a hearing. At the hearing there will be testimony from you (the injured worker) and possibly other witnesses including your employer, co-workers, and doctors or others who provided medical care. It is advisable to get a lawyer at this hearing phase because these proceedings because in the trial-like atmosphere, experienced legal counsel is advised. If you do not have an attorney you will be at the mercy of the insurance company, which will be represented by experienced counsel.

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At what other points should I consult an attorney?

If a two- to three-week period has passed after you filed a claim and you have not received payment, you might get a call or a notification from the insurance company handling the Workers’ Compensation claim. The insurance company will say that they represent your employer and want to question you and take a statement to get more details about how the accident happened. When an insurance company contacts you to ask questions, their purpose is to try to find reasons to deny your claim. At this point it makes sense to consult an attorney to protect your claim. You should seek counsel to protect your rights and make sure you file any paperwork properly.

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