What is Worker's Comp?

Worker's Comp claim? WE can help.

  • Have you been injured on the job?
  • Are your medical bills unpaid?
  • Are you unable to work and receive a paycheck?
  • Need to file a Workers Comp claim?
  • Has your Compensation claim been delayed or denied?
  • The lawyers of Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione and Quinn can help you get what you deserve in the complex NY Workers’ Compensation system. We are experts at ensuring that your workers' comp rights as an employee who is injured or disabled on the job are protected. BMCQ is conveniently located at 29 Wards Lane, off Interstate 787 and Broadway in Menands, NY, near the Albany, NY hearing point for Workers’ Compensation cases.

    Workers’ Compensation is the system set up by the state to provide injured workers with. “1. Payment for their medical care and treatment; 2: percentage of their wages so they are not destitute if they are off the job because of the workplace injury.” The Workers’ Compensation Board is a state agency that processes the claims and determines, through a judicial proceeding, whether a worker will receive benefits and/or medical care, and how much he/she will receive. A claim is paid if the employer or insurance carrier agrees that the injury or illness is work-related. If the employer or insurance carrier disputes the claim, no cash benefits are paid until the Workers’ Compensation Law Judge decides who is right. If a worker is not receiving benefits because the employer or insurance carrier is arguing that the injury is not job-related, he/she may be eligible for Disability Benefits in the meantime. Any payments made under the Disability Program, however, will be subtracted from future Workers’ Compensation awards.

    Are all workplace injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation?

    Yes, however when there is an intentional act such as self-injury, a fight with a co-worker, or if there is intoxication or drug use, Workers’ Compensation may not cover the claim; but even in these cases there are some exceptions.

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