Slips & Falls

“Slip and fall”, the term used for personal injury cases where a person slips, trips or falls and is injured. This can happen on someone else’s property and they may be responsible for your injury. These incidents are known as “premises liability” claims and the owner or person in head of the property may be held liable.

Some of these dangerous conditions include; wet floors, ripped carpet, poor lighting, small stair cases and broken or cracked sidewalks. Also, when maintenance of grounds are not complete such as snow removal, salting when there is ice or fixing potholes can be a cause of a slip and fall injury.

Who are the Responsible Parties?

In order for a slip and fall injury to become a case due to falling on another’s property, someone must be responsible other than yourself who is accountable for the negligence in which caused you to become injured. If you were injured due to your own careless mistakes then this is not grounds for a slip and fall case. These are grounds for slip and fall cases to follow:

  • Property owner created the conditions.
  • Property owner was aware the condition and chose not to fix the problem.
  • Property owner did not follow the responsible steps of keeping up and checking the conditions of the premises to correct any issues.

Commercial Property

To be held reliable for an injury of another person the owner or person responsible of the property of a restaurant, store, or business must have been accountable of the following; they caused a spill, worn or torn spot that would be dangerous to a customer or person, or they have known those dangerous conditions existed and were negligent of taking care of the problem.

So if you are a business/ property owner, be aware of the conditions of your building and grounds.

Residential Property

In slip and fall cases that occur on residential setting the landlord may be held responsible of the injured tenant or third party. For the landlord to be accountable these are some condition that had to take place. Negligence to repairing damaged property or matters on the property, the landlord had control over the conditions causing someone to become injured or failure to take the necessary steps in keeping up with the conditions of the property.

Government Property

If a slip and fall injury happens of property that is government owned there are specific rules that apply and must be reviewed by an attorney or someone who has experience with these matters. Call us for more information in regards to your incident at 449-3107.

At Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione and Quinn, we have experience in slip and fall accident cases. If you feel you need assistance in making your claim to prove liability, let our team of skilled attorneys protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

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