Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders have many risks and conditions they have to be careful of. Unlike an automobile they have nothing protecting themselves between them and the road. They are more difficult for other drivers to see which can lead to accidents and people becoming injured. Motorcycle riders should know the laws and their legal rights if an accident was to occur. Note that each state may vary from law to law.

Motorcycles are a risk you are taking responsibility for the second you purchase your bike. Unlike an automobile motorcycle have no protection. No doors, roof, airbags or safety belts. Many accidents occur due to lack of experience or paying attention to regulations and surroundings. However, the manufacture of the bike could be a potential cause of an accident and should not be out ruled. If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle accident and need legal help call 449-3107.

Common Risks of the Road

Familiarity with your bike - Obtaining your motorcycle license is more difficult than getting your driver’s license. Skill is important when riding your bike. The rider has to pay attention to every detail when out on the road. Failure to further your knowledge on bike safety and the rules and regulations can leave you injured.

Being aware of your surroundings - Motorcycles are much smaller and more difficult to see than automobiles. This makes it easier for an accident to occur. Paying close attention to other vehicles, the conditions of the roads and the weather conditions is extremely imperative.

Road Hazards - Everyday conditions of the roads that are minor things to automobiles become more serious for motorcycles. Such as puddles, debris, railroad tracks, unpaved road ways and potholes can cause injuries to the rider.

Speed - The higher the speed the harder it is to stay in control. However, sometimes the front of the bike may become “wobbly” this could be caused by a misalignment to the front and rear tires of the bike. The manufacturing of the bike may be the problem. If an accident was to happen the manufacturer may be held liable for the injuries caused.

We’re experienced in traffic laws, motor vehicle regulations, medical treatment issues, and determining who holds liability. At Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione and Quinn we have experienced attorneys with experience in motorcycle accident cases. We have the necessary knowledge to help you make your claim and fight for what you deserve.

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