Filing a Worker's Comp Claim

If I am injured at work, what should I do before filing a Workers’ Compensation claim?

The two most important actions are to inform your supervisor or employer about exactly how you were hurt and give a written statement. Another important action is to tell the doctor or medical professional providing the medical treatment how the injury occurred because every Workers’ Compensation claim is based on medical evidence that links your condition to your work accident.

What is the process for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim?

After giving a written statement to your employer that the injury happened and how it occurred and after seeking appropriate medical treatment, you should then file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation board, which is the state agency administering Workers’ Compensation claims.

How long does it take to receive my Workers’ Compensation benefits?

After seeking the medical treatment, giving notice to your employer and filing the claim, the report will be sent to the insurance company covering the claim and the clock begins to run. The insurance company is required to respond within a two- to three-week period with a check covering lost wages due to the disability and the medical costs or with an explanation of why the claim has been denied.

What is the most important thing that I should know if I am involved in a Workers’ Compensation claim?

If you are making a claim or are on Workers’ Compensation it is essential that you continue to see a doctor to get periodic statements that you are still disabled. If you do not do this the benefits will cease, and it is very difficult to get them restarted.

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